How to Meet Your Vitamin D Needs During Quarantine

With everything going on in the world, summer of 2020 was not what any of us expected. We missed out on most of the typical sunshine-filled activities of summer. I know I sure didn’t get my fill of backyard BBQs, beach days, or outdoor concerts.


As summer comes to a close, many of us are left still wanting for sun. Similarly, our bodies are devoid of the vitamin D that we normally get from sun exposure. Keep reading for tips on how to meet your vitamin D needs in the age of COVID-19.


  • Aim to get 10-30 minutes of socially-distanced midday sun multiple times a week. Although less enjoyable, you can spend time in the sun without going to the beach. Getting your sun exposure in smaller increments may be a better option anyway, as you are less likely to get sunburned. Here are a few ideas: 
    • Go for a 1-mile solo walk during your lunch break
    • Throw down a yoga mat and practice yoga on your balcony or porch
    • Set up a lawn chair in the backyard and read your favorite book 



Other Important Vitamins/Minerals

  • Increase your magnesium and vitamin K2 intake. Magnesium and vitamin K2 are important for vitamin D absorption. To get enough magnesium and vitamin K2 in your body, you can take supplements (such as the Thorne Vitamin D/K2 drops mentioned above) or add certain foods to your diet. Foods high in magnesium and vitamin K2 include:
    • Pumpkin seeds (magnesium)
    • Green leafy vegetables (magnesium)
    • Hard cheeses (vitamin K2) 

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