Improving Sleep with Valerian Root

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Many of us suffer from sleep difficulties. Whether it be from insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, or simply too much stimulant consumption during the day. Sleep is of great importance to our physical and mental health.

Chances are that you, or someone you are close with, struggle with sleep in one way or another. We often shrug it off as not a big deal and drink a big cup of coffee to get through the day ahead. Don’t ignore sleep. Take sleeping more seriously. Being “too busy” to sleep is not an admirable thing like we make it out to be.

Consider giving yourself more time in the evenings to unwind and relax. Dim the lights about a half-hour before going to bed and avoid screens. Some may find this suggestion more difficult than others. Screens have become a center point of many of our lives these days. Try thinking of hobbies you had in the past that did not require electronic devices. Knitting? Drawing? Puzzles? Give these hobbies another try. Your body will thank you.

Be sure to limit caffeine intake during the day. Too much caffeine can throw us into a never-ending cycle. You can find yourself drinking excessive amounts of caffeine because you are tired, but the stimulation can make it hard for you to rest later on. Avoid drinking caffeine 6 hours before you plan to go to bed. It takes your body longer than you might think to metabolize caffeine. Be sure to drink plenty of water when taking in caffeine. This will aid your body in processing it appropriately.

Have you tried these things with no success? Consider a sleep supplement next. Prescription sleep aids may not be necessary. Take valerian root into consideration. Valerian root can be taken in the form of a capsule, diffused as an essential oil, or steeped into a bedtime tea. It isn’t as harsh as many sleep aids. It promotes calm and restful sleep. It may reduce anxiety as well. There is a bit of mystery as to why this plant works the way it does, but it is acknowledged as being helpful for many with sleep difficulties. Please give the above tips a try for better sleep quality. You will not regret it.

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