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Lisa Thomas is a transformational leader, gifted healer and intuitive coach. She integrates business with her natural gifts to help her clients embrace all of life. Lisa is devoted to reconnecting people to their Soul’s purpose, so they can experience more love, joy and financial abundance. She has been featured on Good Morning LaLa Land, Allie & You, Dare to Dream, Inspired Conversations and her book, Mistakes Into Money, was published earlier this year. She has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their business and life goals by releasing Inherited Emotional DNA, such as fear of success, fear of failure, anxiety, procrastination, fear of public speaking, false money beliefs, relationship drama, and business stagnation. She lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband and family.

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Lisa Thomas 00:00
When we have traumatic things happen in our life, the subconscious can trap that experience as a way to protect us actually. And so then it prevents us because it thinks it\’s helping us by taking action in our life because it doesn\’t want something bad to happen. 

Diva Nagula 00:22 

Hello, this is Dr. Diva Nagula. Welcome to From Dr. To Patient, where our goal is to bring you topics of discussion that will educate you on the various healing modalities to help balance the mind, body, and spirit. Welcome everyone to another episode of From Doctor To Patient. Today we have Lisa Thomas. Lisa Thomas is a transformational leader, intuitive and master energy healer, who is dedicated to helping people reach their next level of success in business and financial abundance by breaking cycles of struggle, upper limiting beliefs and negative patterns. He specializes in real life releasing inherited emotional DNA, such as fear of success, fear of failure, anxiety, procrastination, fear of public speaking false money beliefs, and business stagnation. If you believe everyone deserves to be seen and known and heard for who they are, or expertise empowers people to get their business ideas out to the world, confidently and in alignment with their soul\’s purpose. Lisa, hello, thank you for joining us. L 

Lisa Thomas 01:30
I\’m grateful to be here. Thank you for inviting me. 

Diva Nagula 01:34 

Well, I think the first question to discuss is because I think a lot of people are unfamiliar with your expertise and what you do, so can you please tell us or answer what is an energy healer do? 

Lisa Thomas 01:46
Well, there are a lot of different types of energy healers; an energy healer is going to release the blockages in the energy system, which is similar to maybe if you think of the meridians in the body that an acupuncture is accessing to clear those, an energy worker is doing something similar. They\’re just releasing those blocks that we physically with our own eyes can\’t see. 

Diva Nagula 02:12
How do you detect these blocks? 

Lisa Thomas 02:16
Are you asking me that as how do I detect them? Or how does the client detect them? How do people realize that they have it? 

Diva Nagula 02:23
Both, that\’s actually a good question. So how would I know if I have a blockage? And how would you see my blockage? 

Lisa Thomas 02:30
You\’re going to know if you have a blockage if you\’re continually repeating the same pattern. If you think you\’ve overcome something and then boom; now sometimes the universe will bring things back into our life to kind of test us but that\’s not what I\’m talking about. If you have a constant pattern of procrastination, or you keep limb hitting that, that financial, you can\’t get over that financial chop, you\’re constantly in struggle. These are things that we don\’t have to keep, and we can move through them. And then from me, I find it a variety different ways. But one of the ways that works the very best for me is I\’m going to muscle test my client\’s body, that doesn\’t matter. I can be doing a phone session, I\’ll connect and do it with you know, I\’ll connect energetically with them. And then the reason I do that doctor is because the subconscious mind knows everything about our body. It knows who we were before we came to earth, and it knows everything that we\’ve experienced. It\’s just that we don\’t, we consciously don\’t live in that space. And so it\’s going to tell me why it is, what\’s happening, who the client is. And I don\’t, I don\’t have to guess. 

Diva Nagula 03:43 

So essentially, when you evaluate a person, you really are looking into their subconscious. And through, how were you able to achieve that? I mean, is this something that you…if you\’re able to do sessions through a video conference, and the person\’s not with you, how are you able to sense their energy and get an idea of where their blockages are and what their subconscious is telling you? 

Lisa Thomas 04:08
Well, there\’s a lot of different things. Like I\’m an intuitive I as ever since I was a little girl, I can see spirits, I can communicate, I hear them, I smell them. I know if an ancestor comes around that smokes, I know they\’re there, even if I don\’t see them initially. So there\’s those clear gifts, spiritual gifts that are just born with that, that I like to think is icing on the cake. But the client has to know that they have a problem, meaning I just don\’t walk up, I would never walk up to somebody and they\’re going to come to me with with something that they want help with. And then I\’m going to figure it out based on what they need help with. 

Diva Nagula 04:48
And a lot of these that you\’re dealing with are just repressed emotions that haven\’t been processed but are stored in the body, correct? 

Lisa Thomas 04:56
Yes, that\’s one of them. And the other way is, which is what I like to think of as my specialty is the inherited patterns that get passed down through the lineage. So those are things that we might be aware of, we might be aware of them through our gifts and our talents, because we inherit many good things from our ancestors, we also inherit, you know, the trauma energy or the fear energy. And that\’s passed down in our epigenetics. 

Diva Nagula 05:27
Yep. And how can we distinguish what we are experiencing that is inherited, versus what is ours through our own experiences and through our own personalized emotional trauma, 

Lisa Thomas 05:43
it\’s hard to figure that out. Because oftentimes, the same thing will happen to us that happen to a family member, or you know, to a parent or to a grandparent, because that\’s an inherited pattern, right, or, but so there\’s three ways let me back up, there\’s three ways the energy gets trapped in the body, one way inherited, and that is that\’s within our DNA. It\’s not the DNA, we have our own DNA code. That\’s where our eyes are brown or green. And we can\’t change that we can\’t change how tall we are, right. But within the DNA, are our epigenetics, and our epigenetics is how our DNA expresses itself. And that is based on the life experiences of our ancestors. And so that\’s one way. The second way is based on oftentimes, those things that we inherit, and they\’re passed down in our cell memory. It\’s a cellular thing. It\’s not like an experience that happens in our lifetime. But when we have traumatic things happen in our life, the subconscious can trap that experience, as a way to protect us actually. And so then it prevents us because it thinks it\’s helping us by taking action in our life, because it doesn\’t want something bad to happen. So it can happen in a lot of different ways. But it\’s a trapped emotion. That\’s the suppressed emotion. Okay. Let me give you an example of how that happens. And how it shows up in our life. Okay. So this is not an inherited one. This is how something trapped. Let\’s say, and this happened to a client of mine, she had been in therapy, actually, the therapist sent her to me. And she was having problems with love and stuff like that. And I found an emotion of abandonment at age five. And I said, Does that ring a bell to you? Because the ego mind is our subconscious mind. And it needs just like five seconds, two seconds of fame, because it trapped in this experience for a reason, to help us. And you don\’t have to remember it. She did. She goes, Oh my gosh, I realized in therapy, that might when my mother forgot me in kindergarten, it was very traumatic. And I said, Okay, well, that\’s why abandonment trapped. Now, this is the thing. It doesn\’t matter why mom forgot her. It doesn\’t matter if mom was, you know, depressed and couldn\’t get out of bed. Or if mom was PTA president. And everybody else came first to her, right. The issue is that abandonment trapped. So she cognitively knew this. Alright, now, her boyfriend\’s in Vegas. And he says, Hey, babe, I\’ll text you in a couple hours when I\’m out of my conference. Two hours and 15 minutes went by. And she\’s on the phone with her mom, saying he\’s not my guy. She\’s like, Why? Well, because he he didn\’t text me. And you see how advanced so we consciously? Right? She knew that she\’d had an experience that was traumatic, abandonment, trapped. But if the frequency of that emotion doesn\’t get released, then that frequency brings those things back into our life, because we send out and attract what we\’re sending out unconsciously. Let me finish the story. He called her from an unknown number, like an hour later and just said, hey, look, I\’m sorry. My phone was stolen. And this nice lady sitting next to me, let me use your phone. Had nothing to do with him not wanting to be with her. 

Diva Nagula 09:22 Right. How did she react? 

Lisa Thomas 09:25
Well, they\’re married now. So she, you know, we released the frequency of abandonment. And she was able to see things more clearly. Yeah. And she didn\’t go into that everybody\’s gonna abandon me. You know. 

Diva Nagula 09:39 

And so you were able to release that emotion. And so I\’m assuming that once it\’s released, it won\’t…there\’s patterns that she\’s been experiencing through her life based on that episode of five years old will no longer haunt her and show it\’s it\’s done in over what\’s done. Wow. I mean, this is like amazing because it accelerates any type of psychotherapy it seems. 

Lisa Thomas 10:03
It does. It does. Psychotherapy is amazing for giving us a safe space to figure out who we are. And I\’m not a therapist. So like, I don\’t want to know the whole story, we get caught up in our stories, right? But when we change the energy, the frequency of how we are resonating in the world, and I know that that falls into the, I don\’t know what that means category. For a lot of people, I understand that. But every word in the dictionary has a frequency attached to it. So love is the highest, shame is the lowest. Another word for frequency is a megahertz. And so if we were to measure that with a device, then we\’re going to get a frequency number. And that is, that\’s how we send it. That\’s just the energy in which we vibrate. That\’s why when people say I\’m gonna say in high vibration, they might even know what they\’re talking about. But that\’s literally what it means. 

Diva Nagula 10:56 

Talk to me about vibration, because everyone I\’ve been, I\’ve come across this word a lot. So essentially, what I\’m gathering is that the various emotions have various frequencies and you vibrate on that frequency. And I\’m assuming it fluctuates from day to day, from day to day, or hour to hour, depending on the emotion that you\’re feeling. And these vibrations are what is sent out to other people. And so it attracts like and frequencies correct,?. Interesting. 

Lisa Thomas 11:30
That\’s why you can walk into a room full of people. And you can notice somebody clear on the other end, and think, Hmm, I want to get to know them. And then about two seconds later, you\’re like, yeah, they\’re not, yeah, I don\’t want to know. Right? That\’s why. Now, does that mean it\’s 100%? accurate? No, it doesn\’t. That\’s the thing. Like her boyfriend wasn\’t abandoning her. It wasn\’t an accurate feeling. 

Diva Nagula 11:57 

Right. And say, probably a common example a lot of people are experiencing is they are at a bar or a location where they are trying to meet other people, specifically, if a guy\’s out and wants to, like, attract another woman, and they see that person from afar, and then they\’re trying to vibrate at that same frequency, but it doesn\’t connect. So there\’s a blockage somewhere, right? 

Lisa Thomas 12:24 There\’s a blockage. 

Diva Nagula 12:24
And so that\’s why these types of attractions don\’t sync up, because it\’s the vibration. 

Lisa Thomas 12:32
That\’s right. And so oftentimes, two wounded people can come together, based on their on, you know, similar things that have happened to them. But let\’s say that it\’s abandonment here. Oh, yeah. My dad left when I was three, oh, yeah, my mom left when I was five, right. And so you think we got so much in common, but if that isn\’t released, the meaning that right, then they\’re gonna end up abandoning each other in some way. And the other thing is just, you know, there\’s certain things that hold us up in life and abandonment is one of them. Because if when the when the emotion gets turned inward, like I like to say, then we are going to abandon who we are. Because we\’re going to second guess, because we have this fear, undercurrent of fear that somebody isn\’t going to accept us. There were not enough, there\’s that I\’m not enough vibration, right and feeling an insecurity. So when things get turned inward, and it becomes about us, then, then we won\’t take action in our life for who we really are. 

Diva Nagula 13:37
That\’s, that\’s amazing. How does one person maintain a higher vibration? 

Lisa Thomas 13:43
Well, there\’s some great ways; gratitude, because gratitude takes us out of the icky and puts us into a different set of mindset. 

Diva Nagula 13:55 

And by practicing gratitude, I mean, is that allowing a person to quickly get out of that lower frequency and keep them? Or do they have to do other types of practices to get them out of that low frequency and transition into a higher one? 

Lisa Thomas 14:10
Good question. There isn\’t one thing. That\’s the thing. There isn\’t one healing modality, there isn\’t one form of medicine, there isn\’t one thing. And so you have to kind of find what what works for you. So there\’s some different things that I do. I will shift my mindset to look for the moment live in the moment of what it is I\’m grateful for. It doesn\’t matter if it\’s just that the sun is shining. Today is cloudy, maybe you know, I don\’t do so well in cloud, I do better in sun. But the other thing is when we hold on to grudges, when we hold on to unforgiveness as a way to keep ourselves safe, unforgiveness is is really a block to happiness. And so forgiving, Ho\’oponopono, doing a forgiveness exercise is important. 

Diva Nagula 14:54 

Anything else besides the emotional components like is there anything else that someone can do to raise their frequency like dietary changes, exercise, lack of exercise. L 

Lisa Thomas 15:05
Sure. But if you ever known anyone and you, you know, in your profession, right, who says they exercise every day? They do, they eat perfectly, and they can\’t get out of this depression. And you\’re, you\’re gonna, you\’re like, oh my gosh, go go do this, maybe you need to do more weightlifting – it isn\’t going to change their chemistry, okay. And that\’s almost always, it\’s not a situational depression. This is now there might be in a situation or, you know, family environment or whatever it is in your life that might be causing it to be worse, but almost always, it\’s an inherited pattern of depression. So no matter what they do.. 

Diva Nagula 15:46 

It\’s so interesting that you say that because I kind of discovered that on my own. When I was diagnosed with cancer, Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, I realized that it\’s not a genetic issue – it\’s something that I either carried with me trauma-wise, stress-wise, that triggered all this. When I got out of it, and fortunately, I went into remission. The one thing that I realized I was concentrating on is was my physical health, like, I was thinking, okay, I\’ve got to change my diet, I\’ve got to like, exercise better. But what I was neglecting was my spiritual and my mental health. And like, I was vibrating at such a low frequency because I was in a state of chronic depression. And I didn\’t like myself. And I realized that that was probably the major correlation with why I had I developed cancer. And so my book I essentially declared, as I was writing my book, that it\’s a balance of mind, body and spirit in order to achieve optimal well being. And I think that\’s, that\’s an important message that I keep trying to push on people and on our listeners, because that\’s, that\’s the, the equation to really achieve optimal well-being 

Lisa Thomas 16:58
it is, you have it. And when we disrespect our body, right, and we and we take things in that cancer feeds on like sugar, right? Then it doesn\’t give our our physical body time to to heal. And sugar on another note drops our vibration. Correct. Right. And so you\’re absolutely right, we have to take care of the physical body, does it mean we have to be perfect, and never do any of those things? No, it doesn\’t. But then when you combine the emotion of anger, and frustration, and overwhelm, and constant stress on the adrenals, in the central nervous system, the body can\’t keep up. So I like to think of those experiences, as and tell me how you feel, in hindsight, having to go through the cancer experience is that it\’s an opportunity of love here, where it\’s an opportunity to be in alignment with who you really are, and bring you back to your soul\’s purpose.  

Diva Nagula 18:02 

Yes, I have to agree with that; that\’s kind of what I\’ve discovered lately. And now that that\’s blockages, the blockage might still be there. And I would love to have you like evaluate me at some point and see what, where my energy blockages are. But I really feel that that\’s the energy that I need to clear in order for me to keep in remission. And a lot of people who have probably listened to this podcast or have loved ones that are suffering from cancer or have suffered from cancer or currently have a diagnosis with cancer. With your clientele, have you seen patients or clients that come to you because there\’s a blockage, and you can sense that they have like this cancerous disease that\’s plaguing them? 

Lisa Thomas 18:49
I do not. I\’m not out in the world as a medical intuitive. Although when I\’m in the energy of a client, and I\’m releasing something in their life, to help them move forward, or whatever, I can pick up when there\’s a block in the liver, or I can find where an emotion is, sometimes I can see it. When cancer surfaces, it is years of something years of multiple things. So there isn\’t just one thing. And what I do find though, is there is a lot of anger that\’s been suppressed. And the voice you\’re oftentimes the clients voice, it was never allowed to be expressed as a child. And so they are in the habit that they they don\’t know how to feel and feeling is scary so they don\’t feel and so everything is suppressed, oppressed. I think of oppress as a burden energy. And so the the cancer feeds on that, but releasing one thing or doing one thing isn\’t going to change it. It\’s a process. It\’s the same as if somebody comes to me and they say I have 100 pounds to lose, I have to have that hard conversation with them that it didn\’t happen overnight. And I\’m not Tinkerbell, right? And I can\’t wave this wand and have this go away overnight. This is going to be a process. And it\’s the same thing. By the time somebody comes to me with cancer, and I, and I typically don\’t take them, by the way, with because or we have this conversation, I actually just finished with someone who did go into remission. All right. But it takes us It takes a tribe of people, when someone\’s in a health crisis. It just does. Because you\’re in scarcity, you\’re in panic, your pain, right? And so you\’re just looking for that magic pill. And so when you are in that heightened awareness of of life or death, then everything is all or nothing. It\’s very hard to get into the brain into the central nervous system when it\’s all or nothing. 

Diva Nagula 20:57 

Right. Yeah, that\’s really important. And I think you were talking about this repressed anger. You\’re basically describing me because that\’s what happened to me when as I was growing up, I couldn\’t express my emotions to my parents, and I, and I just buried it. And so I think all that build up over time, just started to feed these cancer cells ever mutating, and eventually, it just, it blew up for me. 

Lisa Thomas 21:26
Yeah. Yeah. Interesting. So for you will be like, look at your triggers, doctor, when you get triggered, like pay attention to trigger things, impatient, you know, things like that, this set you off. And, and work through those, okay? Because those can be an inherited impatience from our father, right? Or a mother. Or the need, look at the behavior you have, do you have a need to control? Do you have to control everything? Right? Because that\’s a pattern of needing to be safe, not wanting to be caught off guard. But that control prevents the body from being flexible, so to speak, to life. 

Diva Nagula 22:07
Wow you\’re reading me 100%. 

Lisa Thomas 22:09 That\’s who I am. 

Diva Nagula 22:12
Typically, when a person and a client comes to you, how long does it take for you to clear their energy, to unblock their energy? Is it several sessions or one session? 

Lisa Thomas 22:23
I don\’t do one session, for the same reason that we were just talking about, there isn\’t just one thing. And so I have I yeah, I began with six sessions. Absolutely. Because when you start to lift the burden energy, when people are able to see themselves, see ahead of themselves, in fact my favorite analogy, is a character in Charlie Brown. It would have been if you don\’t watch it, there\’s a character in Charlie Brown. And his name is Pigpen. It\’s an awful name, but he walks around in a dust cloud, is what happens. But think of that dust cloud, though, as your energy field. And when we\’re when we cannot see out ahead of ourselves, and there\’s no hope or we, or we don\’t know what\’s next in our life, because it\’s clouded. And if people can\’t see us for who we are on a soul level, then life isn\’t as bright and purposeful. Because we came here for a purpose. We all have different purposes. And it doesn\’t mean we have to have your purpose to be famous. That\’s not what I mean. But we have a purpose where it feeds our soul, like my work feeds my soul. Okay, because it\’s what comes easy for me, it\’s what comes natural for me. You have a similar purpose, where you want to help people get better, you want to help humanity, or you wouldn\’t be doing a podcast. But if we get hung up in our triggers, or we get hung up in, in how we think we have to show up, and the universe isn\’t allowed to bring us these opportunities, because we can\’t see them. Right? We don\’t see them as an opportunity, then we\’re not living a purposeful life. And that\’s when we don\’t feel good. That\’s when life feels icky. 

Diva Nagula 24:01

That\’s beautifully said I thank you so much. I think that\’s gonna resonate with so many people. That is awesome. We\’re close to running out of time, but I would love to let our listeners know how they can find you. 

Lisa Thomas 24:16
Well, you can find me on my website, it\’s being redone right now, but you can still find me. And it\’s lisathomasenergyhealer.com, I think, .com. LisaThomasenergyhealer.com. 

Diva Nagula 24:29
And you have some books that you\’ve published. 

Lisa Thomas 24:32
Oh my gosh, you\’d like on it! I do. It\’s called Mistakes Into Money. And I wrote it, this is book is particularly focused on women because women have a very hard time letting go. Now I did have a man read it and he wrote me, he goes oh my gosh, it\’s applicable to anybody but it is written, heads up right. And it is, it shares stories of clients who get stuck in there, got stuck in their story. And they believed that pretty much they were washed up from all walks of life, okay? And how we can take these experiences and turn them into, you know, life-fulfilling prophecies of good. And then at the end of every chapter, there\’s a clarity exercise where it brings you into the moment so you can better understand yourself and then release what it is. 

Diva Nagula 25:29 Oh, that\’s so useful. 

Lisa Thomas 25:30 Thank you for asking me. 

Diva Nagula 25:32
Yeah, absolutely. And being on lookout for, for an email from me because I want to be one of your clients. 

Lisa Thomas 25:38
I\’d love, I\’d love that. It would be my honor. Okay, you have a big purpose, doctor, you really do. And it\’s to awaken people, that it\’s not one or the other. You can if you have to integrate the spiritual with the medical, and then that\’s what transforms life. 

Diva Nagula 25:56
You\’re absolutely right. And thank you for saying that. And I would also be honored if you would be able to read my book. It\’s going to be out next Tuesday. 

Lisa Thomas 26:08 Please. I would love to read it. 

Diva Nagula 26:12
Thanks so much for being on the show today, and I can\’t wait to work with you some more. 

Lisa Thomas 26:18
All right, likewise. Thank you. Take care. Bye bye. 

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