PODCAST- Mark White – Treating the root cause of erectile dysfunction with GAINS

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About Our Guest- Mark White – Treating the root cause of erectile dysfunction with GAINS

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Mark White is an optimistic, positive person with a unique mix of keen business sense and exceptional leadership.

In 2003 he started HealthGAINS to help people live better and accomplish more in life. HealthGAINS offers concierge age management programs that helps men and women optimize their vitality using breakthrough treatments such as hormone optimization, sexual wellness, platelet rich plasma (PRP) and aesthetics programs.

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Full Podcast Transcription

Mark White 00:01
These are actually not shockwaves. They\’re sound waves and they create a field of energy that goes right into the skin and creates micro plaque and the micro plaque creates micro inflammation. And that goes in there and rebuilds everything and I guess a very brave doctor decided to try it on his penis. It rejuvenated the blood vessels and they started testing it to see if this fixed the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

Diva Nagula 00:30
Hello everyone and welcome to a another episode of From Doctor to Patient. Today, I have Mark White with us. Mark is an optimistic positive person with a unique mix of keen business sense and exceptional leadership. In 2003, he started Health GAINS to help people live better and accomplish more in life. Health GAINS offers concierge age management programs that helps men and women optimize their vitality using breakthrough treatments such as hormone optimization, sexual wellness, platelet rich plasma and aesthetic programs. In 2016, he started GAINSWave to help optimize sexual wellness through a progressive network of medical providers. There are over 400 physicians across the US that provide the treatment which was created using their specific protocols to ensure both safety and great results is also working on a largest clinical study of shockwave therapy in the world. To learn more about GAINSWave or to find a provider in your city visit GAINSWave.com. Mark also recently started a podcast called Health Hacks. Health Hacks is an innovative 30 minute podcast that highlights cutting edge health hacks from around the world, and interesting stories and inspire them. In each episode. He uses a clever blend of storytelling and interviews to educate the audience on relatively new areas of vitality enhancing remedies, with the help of health experts, medical practitioners, and wellness oriented CEOs Health Hacks explore the rapidly expanding world of health hacking, and the stories that are driving it. Mark, welcome to the show, thank you for being here.

Mark White 02:20 Thank you for having me.

Diva Nagula 02:23
So you have a very interesting story and your entrepreneurship has led you into the healthcare
industry now and you don\’t have a background in the healthcare industry. Correct.

Mark White 02:34
I failed biology in high school, so… I wanted nothing to do with health care when I was growing

Diva Nagula 02:40
And it seems like that\’s what you\’ve been doing since 2003 has been really helping people with
with health issues.

Mark White 02:48
Yeah, that\’s correct. You know I came from a family of entrepreneurs and I always wanted to be in business. And I moved to South Florida, in 1996. There I was in commercial real estate. And in 2002, I met a doctor who was doing hormone optimization, he was prescribing testosterone. And he wasn\’t doing a good job of getting patients into his practice. So he asked me to build him a website, and I was learning about digital marketing. It was the dawn of internet marketing. So he built a website, and we started getting people all over the country, looking for providers to optimize testosterone therapy.

Diva Nagula 03:34
And that\’s when it all started for you to assist in that in that arena of, of the health industry.

Mark White 03:40
Yeah, I mean, one of the things I realized back then was that insurance companies and big pharmaceutical companies really dictated people\’s treatment programs. And there are doctors out there who wanted to go down a different route. And doctors don\’t have the marketing budgets Big Pharma has, so they had to tell their story.

Diva Nagula 04:01
Right. And then in \’03, like I read in your bio, you started health games, and what kind of people are you treating? Are you seeing that come to see you or your practitioners with health gains.

Mark White 04:13
So HealthGAINS is a Institute for peak performance. And what we do is we help healthy people stay healthy, so they don\’t get sick. You know, generally big pharmaceutical companies and big medical companies make money off of chronically ill people, but they don\’t make money off of dead people, or healthy people. Our goal is to keep the people healthy, so they don\’t get on that ferris wheel of Big Pharma and getting sick all the time.

Diva Nagula 04:40
Got it. The arena that you\’re focusing is in the optimization with hormones. And then you also do a bit about sexual wellness. Do you also do anything with stem cells or is that not part of your program?

Mark White 04:54
We do regenerative therapies, we offer exosomes, we don\’t take the stem cells out and derive them. We try to do non invasive stuff. But we do a lot with platelet rich plasma. And we do a little bit with placenta cell plasma, but it\’s so regulated right now that is very difficult.

Diva Nagula 05:16
And are people coming to see you guys as a last resort? Or are they seeing you as preventative or more as assistance with their other traditional therapies or treatment from conventional medicine?

Mark White 05:31
What it is, is you see a lot of people who want to take healthcare in their own hands. So we get a lot of entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals that are guys like myself in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. And they want to have that energy and they want to have the sex drive, and they want to have the body they used to have back in their 20s. And for the most part, it\’s preventative, it\’s healthy aging.

Diva Nagula 05:57
I\’m sure you get a lot of people who are, who do really well with your programs, because it\’s a different way of treating and optimizing their health, and actually allowing people to feel like they\’re younger again, because as we know, as we age, for males, at least, testosterone production definitely decreases over time. And so it\’s nice to see that there are options out there, where we can get assistance.

Mark White 06:21
Absolutely, I think, going back to like what integrative doctors believe in, is that if you can just keep hormones at an optimal level, and you help people with healthy eating and exercising, they\’re gonna stay young and stay healthy, they\’ll feel great.

Diva Nagula 06:38
Do you do a lot of coaching with your clients or patients in terms of nutrition?

Mark White 06:43
Absolutely. One of the things that separates us from other practitioners doing age management is that all of our patients are matched with a concierge, these are wellness coaches, they\’re all people that are into healthy living, they\’ve taken courses on proper supplementation, they understand exercise, and they help people with their diet.

Diva Nagula 07:06
So it\’s really, you have a kind of an umbrella or framework able to treat people not necessarily in terms of their sexual wellness, but really as a whole person. And you\’re addressing people and getting to the root of their problems just as the premise of functional medicine, integrative medicine.

Mark White 07:26
Yeah, it\’s treating the root cause of disease state, and just monitoring them and making sure
that they stay healthy.

Diva Nagula 07:35
And then, recently, I guess, in 2016, you started GAINSWave. And I didn\’t know much about this until about a year ago, I think I was listening to a podcast, I was talking about how GAINSWave actually helps people. It\’s very interesting. It\’s a different approach to really helping males with sexual dysfunction. Can you explain a little bit about how you started it or where you came up with the idea with with GAINSWave.

Mark White 08:03
I did not come up with the idea of shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction that the studies have been around since the 2005-2006. And basically, what shockwave therapy involves is using extracorporeal sound waves, these are actually not shock waves, they\’re sound waves. And they create a field of energy that goes right into the skin and creates micro plaque and the micro plaque and it creates micro inflammation. And that goes in there and rebuilds everything and I guess a very brave doctor decided to try it on his penis. It rejuvenated the blood vessels in the penis, he got a great erections and they started testing it to see if this fixed the root cause of erectile dysfunction. We know that erectile dysfunction is caused by poor blood flow, in most cases, not all cases, but 80% is vascular. And if you treat the blood vessels, you actually treat the root cause.

Diva Nagula 09:03
What\’s coming to mind to me is when people get like lithotripsy for kidney stones.

Mark White 09:08
Exact same thing except this is low intensity, and usually uses a radio wave, whereas lithotripsy is very high intensity, and that would use like a focused wave. So you have to look at the type of sound waves that it\’s producing. You don\’t want anything too powerful, obviously with your penis, right? So you saw that this study was being done. And then in 2013, we were primarily optimizing hormones. We were doing a lot of testosterone replacement therapy. And men were coming to us saying you know that I\’m getting great sex drive with testosterone, but my penis isn\’t working. Right. So we were prescribing a lot of Viagra and Cialis and we were doing something called the P shots. P shot is basically taking your blood out of body spinning it and then injecting it back and using PRP to rejuvenate blood vessels. And the guys liked the benefits. We had a lot of men who would line up for that, but they didn\’t like the needle on the penis.

Diva Nagula 10:12 I don\’t blame them.

Mark White 10:15
So we were looking around for another way to treat this. And we came across the shockwave therapy we had never heard of it before. Our medical director at the time went through all the clinical studies and he said, hey, maybe there\’s something to this. So in March of 2016, we were able to get a radial shockwave therapy device. And we started treating it on our patients. And we were actually just treating them for free just to see if it worked. And these guys got amazing results better than they got with P shot better than Viagra and Cialis. Being the entrepreneur, I thought, you know, this is really interesting, but how can we help as many people as possible. So what we did is we created a trademark and some intellectual property around the treatment, and we branded it GAINSWave. And we started marketing. And we had guys from all over the country and all over the world looking for a provider that can do treatment programs. So we launched a second business that involved training doctors, offering them the protocols and setting up a directory listing where people can go find a provider near them.

Diva Nagula 11:30
For just for clarification as to what type of people this best fits for. It\’s anyone who\’s failed
conventional treatments, or does this work in synergy with conventional treatments?

Mark White 11:43
It\’s funny that if conventional treatments have failed, like Viagra, and then they tried this with the Viagra, they might get a much better result. If Viagra works fairly well, this will work much better. And we\’ve had a lot of patients get off of Viagra and Cialis and the PDE5 inhibitors. If now there are some people it\’s not going to work for like an extreme diabetic Are you know, there are a lot of people where it\’s psychological, the ED, you have younger people now you have a lot of people addicted to porn, and they can\’t get normal erections. And they need to see psychologists, but this will work for you, ED due to the aging process, and due to poor blood flow, which happens in most men, and what are most men, when they\’re in their 30s 40s 50s, their blood starts to accumulate plaque. The vessels in your penis are probably the tiniest vessels in your body. Right? Yeah, that\’s kind of the first place men notice. And it\’s almost like a canary in the coal mine. Because if you\’re starting to get plaque in your penis, you\’re getting plaque in other places. And so we have a lot of guys who have ED, we find that there\’s plaque, and we treat them and then we advise that they go get a calcium scoring test, and a lot of them have plaque near their heart, they\’re able to get treated for that.

Diva Nagula 13:11
I mean, as you were saying, and you see people that are in their 30s. So this is an issue that can plague men early on. And it\’s really a telltale, if they have issues with erectile dysfunction, you can tell that they probably have issues of plaque development, and atherosclerosis and other vessel disease somewhere else. And so I guess that\’s really an issue that we need to address. Because, as you were saying, the penis has a lot of vessels, and they\’re very small. And so it\’s really easy to have dysfunction because of poor blood flow. And what I really enjoy about the shockwave therapy is that it kind of like shocks the penis, in a sense, where you\’re able to kind of like break up the plaque and then stimulate the red blood cells. And that actually, you know, is angiogenesis. So you\’re having all this new blood vessels that are forming, and you\’re able to restore. And that to me seems to be a great option, then being on a medicine for for lifelong, you know, like Viagra or Cialis or even some hormone therapies, which like you said before, they might be able to stimulate the drive, but it may not actually translate into an erection. So the thing is, this is a great option for people. Roughly how many treatments to a person need before they\’re able to see results?

Mark White 14:38
Well, we\’ve had guys get results after one treatment. You know, you feel more sensitivity. And I think the earlier you are on ED and we\’ve actually had guys that are just looking for something that\’s going to make their penis a little bit more sensitive. They\’ll get results right away, but typically we recommend that anywhere from six to 12 treatments depending on how severe the ED is.

Diva Nagula 15:03
And you said you have about 400 providers that are using the GAINSWave across the country?

Mark White 15:09
We have 400 providers that are licensed to use the Gaines wave brand, and one of the things we do is by training them, we help ensure the quality control, and we help patients find good providers out there.

Diva Nagula 15:22
Right. And I\’m sure a lot of people are probably thinking in their heads that this must be a painful procedure. But is there any numbing medicine that\’s applied? Or is it how long does the procedure take?

Mark White 15:33
It\’s funny because when you sit when you think of shockwave, you think oh my god, it\’s gonna be painful. I had it done. It\’s really not painful. But we do use BTL cream or numbing cream, that takes away some of the discomfort but it\’s not uncomfortable at all. Like when I think of GAINSWave, I think of other regenerative medicine, like PRP, essentially, P shot does the same thing. exosomes do the same thing. stem cells do the same thing. But they\’re invasive, and they require an injection into the penis. So this is like non invasive regenerative medicine.

Diva Nagula 16:10
I\’ve encountered some physicians that actually do a shotgun approach, where they\’ll do the P shots, then they\’ll also do you know, a, an exosome injection, and then they\’ll go ahead and do the GAINSWave. Is that a little too much? Or is that something that is not required for a shotgun approach?

Mark White 16:28
We have a lot of guys that wants to get that dual approach. And it works very well. I\’ve had GAINSWave done myself, and I don\’t consider myself to be somebody with ED. But I\’ve never had the P shot or any of the stem cells. However, people that have had it done claim that they have amazing erections, they\’ve noticed changes in their girth. Some people claim that their penis is longer, I don\’t believe that\’s the case, because there\’s only so much skin in the penis, right? However, a guy who hasn\’t had a good erection and yours looks at that, and he\’s very pleased.

Diva Nagula 17:08
And generally speaking from the GAINSWave, what\’s the duration of the treatment.

Mark White 17:13
So they\’re 20 minutes in length, and they do a series of six treatments over three weeks, they do generally two treatments a week. And if they need 12 treatments, they\’ll do it over a period of six weeks. If you\’re combining it with a P shot, the protocol generally is they\’ll start with the P shot, then they\’ll do a series of like three treatments, then they\’ll do another P shot.

Diva Nagula 17:37
And insurance does not cover this, this is probably all out of pocket.

Mark White 17:41 It\’s out of pocket. Yeah.

Diva Nagula 17:44
And typically what do your treatments run or if you do like 6 or 12 sessions?

ark White 17:49
So they were running roughly about $3000 for 6, $5000. For 12. If you\’re combining it with a P
shot for six, it\’d be about 5000. So we tell patients anywhere from $3000-5000.

Diva Nagula 18:02
When it makes sense. I guess this is a great way of reducing some of the issues that are causing the problem. But if you don\’t implement lifestyle strategies, then these things that you\’re implementing, are eventually going to deteriorate and lose efficacy, right? So it\’s really a good idea. Like, if you\’re eating a lot of things, you know, that are high in cholesterol, or a lot of you know sugary foods, then the problem is just going to come out you\’re going to build up more plaque in the penial area.

Mark White 18:33
Oh, absolutely. I think most like in western medicine, or sorry, in Western culture. Most of our diseases are lifestyle diseases like diabetes, a lot of ED. It\’s the way we eat, it\’s the way we handle stress. It\’s our sleeping habits, their exercise habits, just by living a healthy lifestyle, you can avoid a lot of those diseases, including ED.

Diva Nagula 19:00
Right. And it\’s amazing to me is that I\’m surprised that not more people are coming knocking on the door because we have a situation that\’s plaguing our country where 70% of people that are aged 20 and over have an issue that they are either obese or they\’re actually diabetic or overweight. So it\’s bound to happen sooner or later. And so I\’m really glad that these therapies are available as an alternative for people.

Mark White 19:27
Yeah, and I think that\’s kind of the way our doctors are trained, our traditional doctors are trained is, well, if this is the problem, prescribe this pill, oh, you have high cholesterol. You\’re some Lipitor, they don\’t talk to you about changing your diet. And some people don\’t want to change their diet. But I also think that our culture is one where we\’re looking for easy pills and easy fixes for everything.

Diva Nagula 19:53
Exactly. And that\’s kind of the mentality is a quick fix and immediate gratification. So you know, we have to work at our health in order for it to take care of us for as long as we\’re alive. Mark, you also have a podcast series on you talk about your podcast series and surely just about what you talk about on your podcast shows.

Mark White 21:23
So the podcast is called Health Hacks and like GAINSWave, GAINSWave is a treatment that was discovered by our medical team that the public didn\’t know about. And when we started training other doctors from around the country, we learned that they also had interesting stories and they had interesting treatments that they were doing so we created a podcast just to get the word out. So we had podcasts. We had somebody who was on your podcast recently. Dr. Robin Benson. She does a lot with Asian medicine, and Oriental medicine. And she\’s she\’s wonderful. We\’ve had just last week we had a doctor who uses stem cells to grow back hair. Hair transplant doctor, he uses regenerative medicine, Dr. Allen baman. And all these doctors are fascinating. And the stories on what how they got to where they are is fascinating. And I think more needs to be discussed about that.

Diva Nagula 22:30
Yeah, absolutely. And it\’s interesting for me, I don\’t know this happened to you. Because I think you\’re you\’ve been in the podcast industry, maybe about six more months than I have. And the first like maybe half a dozen podcasts or so I was interviewing these awesome people that are offered different types of strategies and treatment options for people and always enrolling in their programs. I don\’t know if that\’s happened to you or not.

Mark White 22:53
So yesterday, I interviewed Dr. Andrew Hill, he\’s a PhD, he was actually featured in a lot of podcasts, and he uses brain mapping. And he has a company called Peak Brain Institute. And by mapping the brain and using neurofeedback tools, he\’s able to fix anxiety, fix depression, fix ADD. I\’m very ADD, like a lot of executives. I was like, this is fascinating. I\’d love to get on your program. It\’s about looking at your alpha waves or delta waves or your beta waves, and just regulating it. Yeah, I think it gets back to like, I was reading today that the amount of anti anxiety and sleep medications are up 70% because of what\’s going on with the COVID-19. We have people that are on Adderall on Xanax. And really, it\’s just regulating the brain and getting your brain back to peak performance. And that was fascinating. He\’s an amazing, amazing doctor. He\’s been featured on a lot of big podcasts.

Diva Nagula 24:17
Yeah, that\’s awesome. Before we conclude, I mean, I wanted to see if you had any stories that you could share about some transformational events for people who come in to see you guys. I mean, I\’m sure you have a lot for people who, who\’ve been suffering from ailments that have been plaguing their health, and then they come in to see you and you know, and then they have this rejuvenation and sexual rejuvenation and it really restores their quality of life.

Mark White 24:43
We have so many stories I try to think of one off. We\’ve had marriages that were saved because of GAINSWave, testosterone therapy has changed people\’s lives. I can tell you my own personal story. Being just in the health and wellness industry, I never took, like my health seriously before because I got into this industry by accident. But even just a couple years ago, I was gaining weight. And, you know, I have my calcium score checked, my calcium score was 44 which shouldn\’t be that way for a 50 year old. So I decided to switch to a vegan diet. I\’m doing everything else, I just love steak. And I love chicken, and I like dairy and cheese. But I cut it all out, I just kind of went cold turkey. And within a few months, my sleep was better. My cholesterol levels went down to a healthy level, they were higher before, I wasn\’t getting tired after lunch. And the best thing was I shed a lot of weight, without even really trying, I lost about 10 pounds of fat. felt the best I felt in a long time.

Diva Nagula 26:04
That\’s awesome. You know, and that\’s, and that\’s what I\’ve recently done too, like, I used to eat meat, you know, at least minimally twice a day, you know, sometimes three times a day. And I\’ve actually experimented off and on the last year and a half switching to a vegetarian or even a vegan diet. And so the first month and a half of this year, I was completely vegan. And I had my levels of cholesterol checked, right after and I had done six months prior and I\’ve always been a person who\’s had high cholesterol, my cholesterol, we\’d like 270 to 280. Yeah. And after six weeks of being vegetarian or vegan, my cholesterol levels were 199. And that\’s without medication therapy. So that\’s it\’s really is a testament to show how diet is very important in health.

Mark White 26:56
We are what we eat. And also I think with with meat, the inflammation, my C reactive protein levels got better. Just feel good. I think even now with what\’s going on with with COVID-19. There, there was a study out that they felt that men with low T were dying at a higher rate than men with normal testosterone that was a German study. But more than ever, we just have to take care of our health. It\’s not the pills that save us. It\’s the lifestyle that saves us and keeps us healthy.

Diva Nagula 27:33
Exactly. And that\’s what I try and preach on my podcast. And as well as in my book that I recently published last year. Basically what I\’m trying to do is preach about healthy living lifestyle strategies. It\’s not just a simple fix, you really have to work out in order to, to maintain and optimize health. And I feel it\’s all about a healthy and mind, body and spirit. And that\’s kind of the title of my book. And that\’s what kind of stuff that I talked about on my podcast and have guests on talking about different things that are off the beaten path, but still have science and still have merit and work so. So Mark, I really appreciate you coming on the show. How can people find more about you and GAINSWave?

Absolutely. So if you\’re interested in GAINSWave, you just go to GAINSWave.com and find a provider near you. If you\’re interested in what we\’re doing here in South Florida with Health Gains, you would go to HealthGains.com and we have all kinds of treatments to help you stay young and healthy.

Diva Nagula 28:36
Also, thanks so much, Mark.

Mark White 28:38
Thank you. I really appreciate it, doctor. I love the podcast. Thanks.

Diva Nagula 28:42 Thanks, bye.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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