PODCAST- Mary Phelan – Psychic Healing using EFT

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About Our Guest- Mary Phelan – Psychic Healing using EFT

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Mary Phelan has been a professional Spiritual/Life Coach, Intuitive Reader and Teacher for over 20 years and an EFT practitioner and trainer for over 13 years. She’s conducted thousands of successful tapping sessions, group sessions and classes. Because of her unique expertise ranging multiple disciplines, she is able to look into the emotional situations in her patient’s lives and trace them back to the source impact, and once there, assist to remove the energetic disruption, affecting great change in her patient’s lives.

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Full Podcast Transcription

Mary Phelan 00:00
I think people are used to healing taking a long time and being destructive, as well as
constructive but really true healing is immediate. And the injury is what took a long time.

Diva Nagula 00:10
Hello everyone. This is Dr. Nagula with another episode From Doctor to Patient. Today I have the pleasure of having Mary Phelan joining us. Mary has been a professional, spiritual and life coach, intuitive reader and teacher for over 14 years. And an EFT practitioner and trainer for over seven years, she has conducted 1000s of successful tapping sessions, group sessions and classes. Because of her unique expertise ranging multiple disciplines, she\’s able to look into the emotional situations in her patients lives and trace them back to the source impact. And once there, assist to remove the energetic disruption affecting great change in our patients lives. Mary, thank you for coming on today with us. Pleasure to have you.

Mary Phelan 00:46
Well, thank you for having me. It\’s an honor. And just a little update on those years that you just mentioned. It\’s been more like 20 and 13, I haven\’t updated the tapping solution website in a long time. Thank you for reminding me that I need to do that.

Diva Nagula 00:52
But it just even solidifies how much of an expert you are in this. That\’s all!

Mary Phelan 00:54
Thank you. Thank you, giving my age away. Yeah, I would say EFT. I have done a lot of things. I did a TV show for 17 years, and a radio show as well. And lots of other things. So I have a really large body of experience on Holistic Health things. And I would say of all the things I\’ve run across EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, is the most profound that I\’ve seen.

Diva Nagula 01:09
Can you explain why that is? And what exactly EFT is because I think most of the listeners out there just are clueless, and maybe they aren\’t clueless and have some knowledge but are looking to get some more knowledge about this?

Mary Phelan 02:38
Oh, sure, absolutely. Well EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques. And the reason it\’s plural is this started out a long time ago. When Goodheart and C were going through applied Kinesiology and discovering that if you touch certain parts of the body, you say certain things or think of certain things, you get stronger or weaker. So it really stems from all that early work. And it\’s been around since like the 80s, or 90s. And I\’ve always wondered why it didn\’t take off more. And it\’s because it heals so profoundly, that I believe that when true healing happens, you never remember being sick. Otherwise, people would never have a second child, because it\’s so painful. We\’re designed to forget our pain. And this is something that really takes the foundation of whatever\’s going on with us. Like the Leaning Tower of Pisa instead of deconstructing it like traditional therapy does, it takes the bricks and then writes it, this takes the foundation straightens it, then the whole building straightens. So it\’s so powerful. And it\’s so simple at the same time, the whole process can be done in like 60 seconds. I think people are used to healing taking a long time, and being destructive, as well as constructive. Like, you have to take a medicine with side effects, and then maybe you\’ll get your healing. It\’s buried in there somewhere. But really true healing is immediate. And the injury is what took a long time. Because everything has a causal path. And I believe, and I have a large body of evidence that says this, that everything eventually can be traced back to an emotion and an emotion is separate from a thought. It is a feeling that often doesn\’t have words. So EFT through a system of tapping on meridian endpoints. It gives a way for that energy called the emotion to leave the body. It gives it a voice by what we say when we tap and it leaves. And so like typically, and you being a doctor, you understand this. If people are yellow, you go to the doctor, your skin\’s yellow The doctor says, Let\’s get some liver enzyme tests and see what\’s going on. Oh, it\’s this problem with the liver. Here\’s your medicine. Well, EFT operates under the idea that, well, why is the liver having that problem? Well, maybe it has to do with your kidneys or something, well, why are your kidneys having that problem? Oh, it\’s because you have a lot of anger at your father. And so you work from there. And my observation is, unless you go to the root of it, which is an emotion, then you\’re not going to really cure it, you just going to make it hide somewhere else, or go somewhere else or demonstrate in a different way. And if you get the emotion cleared, then your healing will come, maybe it will come immediately as you do the tapping. Or maybe then you\’ll find your remedy, you\’ll find the herb that you need, or the doctor that you need. But until you really get that loosened up it just changes for.

Diva Nagula 06:08
Now, obviously, it might take a few sessions to really get to the root emotion. But that\’s your expertise, because you\’re the detective and you can kind of dive in. And your ability to really have a trusting way about you allows the person whom you\’re speaking with, kind of just give in the process making your work a little bit easier.

Mary Phelan 06:30
Yes, you brought up a really good point, unless you can really develop rapport. And I personally think it comes from having experiences like this yourself. Everything that I teach, as far as relieving depression, and everything is most all of it is because I\’ve been there, I\’ve felt it, I\’ve lived through it. And I know you are so good at what you do, because you\’ve experienced it too.

Diva Nagula 06:58 Absolutely.

Mary Phelan 06:59
And if you can\’t see the bigger picture, it\’s hard to look at the bigger picture for other people. And so it really does take an interest in psychology, it takes an interest in, I had a career in computers, information management, not just computers, but the whole information flow. So I think all those combined, and doing what you love to do kind of gives a different entry point.

Diva Nagula 07:29
It makes you more qualified and more of an expert, so to speak. Going back to the tapping. So if the objective is to tap on certain meridian points, do they vary from emotion to emotion? Or is it the same points that you\’re tapping on?

Mary Phelan 07:45
You know, it\’s so interesting, because I almost brought my notes in that give, in level two, when they teach the training in this, we talk about, there are certain meridians that store certain emotion. And when EFT was being developed, it started out as thought field therapy TFT. Roger Callahan, he first started out with this black box, they call it and what people would do would be talking into the black box, it would register some quality in their voice. And then it was sort of spit out this printout of an algorithm. So the tapping points, just so everyone knows, or the side of your hand, which is like the karate chop point. If you bang your fist together, or hit the table, that\’s where you need to be tapping, the top of your head, the inner part of your eyebrow where it begins by the bridge of your nose, the outer corner of your eye, under your eye, under your nose, into your bottom lip. And then the collarbone here, there are other points that those are the ones I usually use, and then back to the side of your hand. And that is as complex as the actual procedure is. And then you say things while you\’re tapping, which I\’ll get into my theory behind that in a minute. But Roger Callahan realized that if he could give someone an algorithm like tap three times under your nose, once on the top of your head, once on your collarbone, and do that for however many times he would prescribe people were having miraculous healing. I mean, big time healing. I\’ve seen… I\’ll tell you some of those stories in a minute too. So don\’t get distracted from this. But what happened is Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, had taken the training and the training back then in the 80s was over $10,000 which is a huge amount of money. So Gary said, why not just tap on all the points, why go into algorithms? Because if you tap you\’re gonna eventually get it. So he kind of blew it wide open with that and made it readily available for a lot of people. So that\’s why there\’s the sequence. It\’s just cover all the tapping points. I think the algorithms back when Roger Callahan had come up with the algorithms probably had to do with the emotion that\’s carried on different meridians. And so with the person\’s depressed, he probably put that in there. No one ever really knew what was in the black box. It could have been nothing we don\’t know. But I think that there is that entry point. And level two I talk about if you want to treat depression, just go to the specific tapping points. But I personally have found that as you do this, and as you get to know human nature, as you get to know develop your intuitive skills, it\’s so much more direct, to go right into source core issues. And to take maybe this is what I specialize in, is to take core issues, like people may deal with their anger at their father, with their therapist, they may deal with this over here or there, whatever. But there\’s something magical when you bring all those together, because there\’s some kind of a connection between all of them, that always get gets overlooked in all kinds of therapy, even some sessions of EFT might just be working on one problem than the other. And so if the root of the problem is frustration over here, in their shame over here, they\’re not islands, they\’re going to affect each other, that sometimes won\’t allow the anger to fully leave, or the shame to fully leave, unless you look at how they\’re interacting with each other. And I know that\’s probably getting into a more complex layer. But I really want people to know that this works for so many different things. It works for performance issues, like sports performance, it works for physical conditions, in ultimately everything does get back to the emotional body. These are like islands, feelings that can\’t get out like a program on your computer without an icon to open it up into do anything with it. And just to let you know how profound this is, I had a client one time that had severe arthritis. And I worked at the top of a set of stairs and she could barely step up the stairs. I said, I\’ll come down and we\’ll do the session in your car if we have to. She said, no, I\’m going to get up there. And thinking back I probably should have stopped her just for other reasons. But I just walked behind her. It took us like five minutes. We got up there. And we just started, like she was in pain. She just wanted to get rid of her pain. And so there are metaphysical correspondences to where in your body you\’re having pain. So we just started with one area. And I said, well, what is it? Where\’s the problem moving forward as a woman, and she started crying and turns out her story was she was gay and her husband knew it. And they were waiting for her daughter to graduate. And they were going to tell her. Her parents were very good friends and supported each other. But her daughter was in high school senior year. And so all of a sudden, she started developing this terrible, she couldn\’t bend her knees or her arms were really hard to bend. We did one tapping session and she was able to walk down the stairs. After the fourth one, she was walking up unaided. She had medical proof that she had arthritis. And then she had proof that she was able to move. And I have many cases like that, that if you look at the emotional cause everything kind of clusters around that.

Diva Nagula 13:52
In this case, what was the emotional root problems?

Well, is because her daughter was getting ready to graduate high school and she was going to have to tell her daughter that she was gay and because of there is shame mixed in with that there are so many layers. So we looked at the layers in those sessions and, and helped her come to terms with who she is, and knowing that her daughter\’s gonna accept her for who she is. So it healed right away. And she was able to then get forward and get some more physical therapy and everything. Does every severe medical issue happen that quickly? No, not all of them. Sometimes we\’re not quite ready for that. But just to let you know that, I\’ve even had this woman from China, she came here with her husband, she\’s from Hong Kong. And she really missed home, this older lady, she didn\’t speak much English. You can imagine living in Hong Kong everything\’s right there to living in suburban Fairfax. I mean, she was just… and she was so ill her husband had gone around everywhere trying to get healing for her. And he ended up seeing our TV show. And he said, Can I bring her over? I said, Absolutely, and carried her in the house. And I immediately just saw these visions of everything she missed and her homesickness, and we did one round of tapping. And she was so depressed, that she could hardly like lift her hand to do the tapping. Afterwards, it\’s like she felt I understood how she felt. And she just got up and walked out, she didn\’t even use her walker.

Diva Nagula 15:37
It common for your clients to have such a miraculous transition from a session? Do they typically have scenarios where it doesn\’t come back, or they need more sessions for emotions to go away completely?

Mary Phelan 16:13
You know how when we talk about specialties, usually we do training and we decide we want to go into a specialty, I feel when you\’re in any kind of spiritual work at all, that the specialty finds you. It\’s like the type of people that come. Whereas I\’ve done a lot of work with physical conditions, I would say what people come to me for is like when they\’re really ready to understand why these patterns keep happening in their life, why they keep having a job for two years, and then it goes away, why their relationships don\’t succeed. And so those, the physical is the same thing, but it\’s more of an outward manifestation. And I feel when people are demonstrating it in the body, it\’s because they haven\’t allowed themselves to feel at all. And so I usually get people that have felt. Now, whatever it is we work on, I really believe and know that it goes away, and it never comes back. But there are facets to things. We\’re very complex beings, and we\’re made up of every experience we\’ve ever had. So it\’s not just one little thing here and there. And that\’s, that\’s what I think my years of information technology have helped me to hold like these bigger pictures, because like I was saying, you could have this issue over here and this issue over here. But together, there\’s an influence that cannot be seen unless you look at the bigger picture. Because the influence is there. So the way I describe it is if you turn the lawnmower off outside, then you can hear the TV. In EFT there are multi-aspects and they call them aspects. So for instance, if you\’re afraid to fly, it might be because you\’re afraid of heights, it might be because you\’re afraid of tight spaces, it might be that you\’re afraid of being out of control, and all those could have some kind of a degree of influence. And I would say I\’ve worked a lot with people with phobias, like crossing bridges with incredible success with phobias. I think this is very good. But when we start getting into larger life patterns, I think multiple sessions are in order. And it\’s usually because people feel such relief with what we work on. Then they go \”this feels like I can get relief\” and it\’s not just an intellectual agreement with the emotion that hey, you stay on your side or stay on my side like it is with most traditional talk therapy. This is where they actually become friends. And they start operating together. It\’s like if you close one eye you see two dimensionally and you open two eyes, you see three dimensionally. We need to live in that higher dimensional life where we have the input from all of us, not just one side and then fighting for supremacy over the other.

Diva Nagula 19:45
Right. And I guess with your expertise, do you find that it\’s useful to work with other practitioners or is that even needed because a lot of people who don\’t know EFT and don\’t know this type of therapy are typically going to various practitioners to try to heal themselves. Like, if they\’re having depression, they\’ll go to my psychologist for psychotherapy, and they might go to their primary care physician or psychiatrists to be prescribed mood stabilizers or anti-depressants. So it\’s like they\’re shopping around. So when they come to see you, do they continue to these other practitioners or other modalities? Or is it sufficient to basically do EFT and be done with it all?

Mary Phelan 20:33
Well, that is an excellent question. And in a perfect universe, for me, I would have people give this a chance, and then go, then find where the Spirit leads them next, because I would say I don\’t find that as much anymore. But I remember this period of time when theta healing had first come in. But that one was the one that stuck out but any kind of healing, Reiki or something like that, it doesn\’t matter at all. But if you\’re getting in there, I found that I had a couple of clients that I was working with that had pretty severe trauma. And we were going deep and working on things and having this great success. And then they would go see their theta healer or their whatever, and then come back the next week, and said, no, the theta healer says that, it doesn\’t matter that this happened or whatever. And so I felt like they were throwing spaghetti against the wall to their detriment there. Because one is going to take you on a trajectory different than the other. And if they\’re at odds, you\’re kind of not really succeeding at any one. I would say that maybe now people kind of don\’t do things all at the same time, or at least that they haven\’t come to me in that way. But ideally, it would be let\’s work on your your path of what this is about. Let\’s get this nutshell. And even other EFT practitioners don\’t work the way I do. They typically, EFT you would just say, okay, you have a sore arm, you just work on the sore arm tapping, I have a sore arm, until it starts feeling better. Whereas I kind of just go down into core issues like almost like several sessions at once. Yeah, and neither are bad or good, but just depends on where you\’re at and what you need. So it\’s not bad to shop around and do things. But I would say, just give it a couple of sessions, get your patterns down, and then you\’ll know where to go from there.

Diva Nagula 22:30
And it seems like from what you\’re describing, no two EFT practitioners are alike, right? Everyone has their own spice and flavor. And to me, I feel like you have a lot of years of experience, obviously, and because of you\’re profession as a spiritual life coach and an intuitive reader. That also helps you get to the root of the problems a lot quicker than other people that might be practicing just EFT.

Mary Phelan 22:59
Yes, there are definitely varying degrees and specialties like some people, as far as being a practitioner, might focus more on the performance or the like different areas in that way. But then there\’s also different approaches. I have personally found a lot of people take more generic approach. The traditional EFT session would be like let\’s say, even though my father hit me when I was 12, I love and accept myself. And then you do father hit me father hit me father hit me. And you just keep doing that until their subjective units of distress number comes down, which is used in hospitals, the 10 to one and how intense is your pain until it gets down? When I first learned EFT, I really didn\’t think it was that powerful of a tool because I didn\’t really feel anything with it. As far as the teaching, because I learned that way, after a while you\’re repeating those same words over and over so much that your mind wanders and you\’re not really connected. And it wasn\’t until I started experimenting around with what I was getting intuitively that I could see real emotional shifting in people.

Diva Nagula 24:12
I guess you\’re able to boil down all of these issues that people were coming to with, to emotional issues, and therefore, you\’re able to get to the root of the problem and then tap it out. Yes, I see. If someone\’s having performance issues in sports, it comes down to an emotional issue that is the underlying cause. Yes, like for instance, let\’s say you\’re in the Super Bowl, the last play, score is tied. You\’re in the endzone and you fumble the ball. Well, it\’s well known in sports you\’re never the same star after that. You\’re never ever… we are shaped by these things. With EFT you can go on that trauma and release it. And even if you can\’t, there\’s a way with Hoping that you can say, well, even though that happened, I\’m going to move it over here. Because really, that\’s what we\’re doing things happen, the traumas happen. But instead of being right up in your face, they\’re over across the room, and you can make a decision about them. So it\’s so good for so many different things. And if a person is interested in finding an EFT, practitioner wherever they go to find one, and then also, if somebody wants to become an EFT practitioner, what are the processes involved with that?

Mary Phelan 25:33
Oh, excellent, excellent questions. Well, there are a lot of databases for EFT, I think I\’m on the tapping solution, which is where I think you may have gotten what you were reading, which now the tapping solution, Nick Ortner. This is where it kind of the chain of command or whatever, Gary Craig was very free with this, he would say you can purchase the class online, the discs, and you\’re allowed to give that to 100 people and stuff like that. But Nick Ortner, then picked it up and kind of called it The Tapping Solution instead of EFT. And he\’s gotten very famous and wealthy off of it. So there are a lot of camps. In other words, so they all have their resources. I think it\’s all going to be fine. It\’s really do you resonate with the person. But the only one I know of that I\’ve been on as the tapping solution, but I\’m sure EFT Gary Craig\’s EFT has one as well, as matter of fact, I used to be on that one too. But then they changed everything. And he\’s pulled it closer to him. So you can get training through Gary Craig. It\’s pretty involved. It\’s rather pricey, but it\’s worth it, honestly. And then I do trainings, I was certified to do trainings. Before all this other stuff went on. So now it\’s more of an affiliation with me and what I was connected to before. And then I think the tapping solution, you just, there are a lot of videos out there. So there\’s so many resources.

Diva Nagula 27:08
And then what is the time commitment. So if someone was to go through a training program
with you or anybody else, what\’s the time commitment?

Mary Phelan 27:15
I\’m not sure about other places, but my level one is a has been all day. And then level two is a two day. And then level three is a two day and I compress all the information and then we are on a Facebook group and the do practicing and stuff like that, then the practical stuff comes out.

Diva Nagula 27:35
Wow so it\’s not like months and weeks to literally learn this?

Mary Phelan 27:38
Yeah, it\’s a very simple thing.

Is there any prerequisites? I mean, do they have to have some sort of background in psychology? Or can they be in the healing world or it can anybody like sign up and do this?

Mary Phelan 27:58
Anybody can sign up and do it. Now when you get to. After level two, I really make people do a lot of practice. And then in level three, we talk about when you go and do this as a session with people do sessions. Now the thing is, most of the people out there that are EFT practitioners are going to be at extremely varying states of expertise and experience.

Diva Nagula 28:24 Sure.

Mary Phelan 28:24
So whatever you do just vibe with the person because it, you said it earlier, you have to be able to trust and I\’ve seen practitioners giving a group demonstration where they\’re sitting in a chair at the front of the room reading a script off for people to tap to all the way to if I give a demonstration I\’ll actually go right into people\’s stuff right there if they want. So some people they don\’t want to go right in and dive headfirst, they just want to start out easy. So that\’s why it\’s good to have the wide range,

Diva Nagula 29:00
Right. I guess the intuitive process, it\’s either you have have it or you don\’t I mean it to me, it\’s like, if anybody can do this, then they either have the process and intuitive skills to dig deeper and get to the root of the problem, or they don\’t, I think that\’s what makes you more of an expert, because you\’re able to get to the root of the problem so quickly and so easily. And it doesn\’t require 5 or 10 sessions for an issue where for other people that would be able to treat this person verses where you would be able to knock it out on one or two.

Mary Phelan 29:31
Yeah, I do think that there is a vast difference of where you go. You know, part of that does come from experience, but a lot of it is an intuitive thing. And it\’s also an ability to surrender who you are and not be some authority figure or being right. The first number of sessions I did, I don\’t know how many but it was probably the first six months. I would tap and tell the person if you don\’t vibe with this, if what I\’m saying doesn\’t feel right or you want to change your words. From angry to really enraged, or whatever that word is, it\’s going to have a connection, just interrupt me. And so I think that gave me like that feedback, I still will encourage people to do that, probably less so now, because I do know sometimes people try to avoid facing something and so it\’s better just like well hear me out. And then let\’s talk about it after if that feels right.

Diva Nagula 30:26
Interesting. And what what really resonates to me with this is that my whole like podcast series and the things that I talk about in my book, it\’s all about getting to the root cause of an issue. And what I like about it is your approach, your approach is all about getting to the root cause of the emotional issue or whatever issue the person is bringing up that they want to get rid of with you. I fundamentally believe that and that just resonates with me so well, because I think a lot of practitioners, whether it\’s Eastern or Western medicine, in general, they don\’t get to the root cause. And if you don\’t get to the root cause, you\’re just basically applying band aids and masking the issue and not ever going to happen results. So this is why I really wanted you to come on the podcast and talk about this because it just echoes and resonates with the theme that I\’ve been trying to broadcast. With your results, it just goes to show you that in order to get the results, you truly do have to get to the root cause.

Mary Phelan 31:26
Yeah, that\’s so true. You know, as you were saying that I was thinking, I just did a short reading for someone who had come in, he mentioned that he had this terrible fear to travel and he was having to go somewhere next week, or whatever. And so I just saw a vision of him on a bike as a kid hitting like a bump and flying off, you know, flying off over the handlebars. And I just told him, I almost didn\’t say anything. And he goes, I did have an accident. And so I said, and he said his sister was riding on the handlebars, and they flew over. And he cut his chin and did all this stuff and broke the bike, a car had his bike even. And that was their only mode of transportation, transportation, I think he\’s from Vietnam. And so I said, are you open to doing some tapping, and he said, yeah, and so we did tapping, he comes to my tapping salons, now he was able to get on the plane the next time, and he had really been everywhere. And that was part of his quest to go out and really look for that. So if he hadn\’t gone to that core fear that was installed in his body, at that moment, you could have given him aspirin or treated symptoms, and he could have flown, but why not just take care of it, and I genuinely genuinely from my heart want to see people whole and happy. And so the fastest way to get there, the better. Now, if you had gone to a slower, more traditional type EFT, there would be the talking about the issue and then distilling out the statement. And doing that probably been four or five sessions to walk through that. Whereas I even tell people when I do sessions, let\’s not talk about it. If I see it, let\’s tap, just to go even faster. It just gets exciting to be able to move stuff.

Diva Nagula 33:21
Then you\’re able to feel the results. And then the people are obviously going to feel better than want to be able to work with you on other issues. If people want to find you, where are they able to locate you? And how can they reach you?

Mary Phelan 33:36
Well, they can either email, and that\’s telepathictv@yahoo.com or they can contact me. That\’s
probably the best way. And then I can give them phone numbers after that.

Diva Nagula 33:54
And are you able to do sessions through the telephone or through video chat? Or do they have
to do it in person?

Mary Phelan 34:06
As a matter of fact, I\’ve done them phone, video chat, or in person, any of those. And I do a lot
of tapping salons in the Northern Virginia area.

Diva Nagula 34:18 What is a tapping salon?

Mary Phelan 34:19
The tapping salons are just something that I created so that people that don\’t necessarily have the resources to come for private sessions can come for a reasonable fee and everybody sits and it might be themed like grief or family issues or relationships or anxiety or confidence, something like that. And it\’s not like we always stick to that topic. But whatever comes up for someone we tap. What I have found in that that dynamic it\’s so powerful. That\’s why people have profound healings in my trainings for EFT too because I don\’t show videos of Gary Craig doing sessions, I do sessions with people. So they really feel it and they see it. So it\’s like a weekend of profound healing. Really, what happens is you start hearing other people\’s stuff, and how some event or circumstance affected them. And then it\’s like, everybody has spontaneous healings.

Diva Nagula 35:27 So powerful.

Mary Phelan 35:29
Yeah, yeah. And so many people. And I could tell you literally 10s of 1000s of stories of how I\’ve seen this shift people\’s lives. So to me, there\’s not anything short of magic that is involved in this. I do have a lot of psychotherapists and psychologists that have taken the training and come for sessions. Maybe a couple months ago, I was doing a level one, and there was a lady in a psychotherapist. And she came in, or psychologist. I think she did both. And she had a skepticism about her. And so I was doing some tapping with someone. And so she goes, really all you\’re doing is getting them to say it. And I said, no, that\’s not all I\’m doing because people vent all the time. And if just saying what\’s upsetting you did the magic people would vent one time and everything would be gone. And if people just tap, you get a little relief, but it won\’t go away. There\’s something about tapping and giving a voice. And it\’s really essential sometimes that it\’s the exact right wording that the person feels, and it goes away. It\’s magic.

Diva Nagula 36:47
Thank you so much for coming on the show. We\’re running out of time here. But I really appreciate you coming on the show and talking about and explaining this, because I think this is a valuable modality that people need to learn about. And if they do know about this, they need to utilize this. We all have some trauma and emotions that have been plaguing us for a very long time. And we just don\’t know what the root causes and having someone like you really unpack everything and getting to the root cause and letting go of that emotion and having that release is just a wonderful feeling. And thank you for being a practitioner and doing what you do.

Mary Phelan 37:26
Well, thank you and thanks so much for having me on.

Diva Nagula 37:29 You\’re very welcome.


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