Reducing Inflammation

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Many people struggle with excessive inflammation in their bodies. Maybe it is from a health complication, or maybe from dietary choices. Either way, there are dietary changes that can help.

Unnecessary inflammation can be caused by the consumption of deep fried foods (onion rings, french fries, cheese sticks), red meat, sugary drinks (soda, energy drinks), solid fats (butter, margarine, lard), and overly refined carbs (white bread, buns). It’s easy to overlook these foods because they are such a big part of restaurants, fast food, and convenience foods. Many healthful substitutes are available though.

Try substituting deep-fried foods for air-fried foods. This reduces oil consumption. Reduce red meat consumption, and add more fish to your diet instead. Use olive or avocado oil in place of solid fats such as butter and margarine. Switch from sugary sodas to carbonated water or coffee. Instead of refined carbs such as white bread try whole-grain bread instead. You don’t have to completely give up these food categories to reduce inflammation. Using healthful substitutions, when possible, and moderation can make a huge difference.

There are foods that can reduce the body’s inflammatory response when consumed. Foods such as nuts, leafy greens, berries, fatty fish, tomatoes, and olives can reduce inflammation when incorporated into a healthy balanced diet. A common suggestion for improving inflammation is eating a Mediterranean diet which relies heavily upon anti-inflammatory foods and less upon red meats and overly refined foods.

Water is incredibly important when managing inflammation in the body. Be sure to consume at least the recommended 8 cups of water per day. Remember to still consume water if you are taking in caffeinated beverages. 

Reducing inflammation is possible through dietary changes. There are many healthful substitutions for the foods that you love most. Take a chance on health, and try something new.

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