Benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are highly versatile tiny, oval shaped, black to white seeds. These seeds are highly nutritious and have many different health benefits. Chia seeds come for the desert plant Salvia hispanica, native to Central America, mainly Mexico and Guatemala. Chia seeds can be made into pudding, added to porridge and/or yogurt, used in baked goods, and …

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Benefits of Peppermint

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Benefits of Lavender

Lavender not only smells nice, but it can also have beneficial effects on the body. Lavender is typically used as a fragrance in hygiene products such as soap, perfume, and lotions. Lavender is also commonly used in room sprays and plant-based household cleaning solutions. The smell of lavender is beginning to be recognized for its …

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Health Benefits of Natto

Natto is made of fermented soybeans. It is a high protein and fiber food that contains probiotics. Natto is also high in calcium, potassium, vitamin C, and iron.  Natto has a strong scent and flavor. It has a stringy and slimy type texture. Natto is best to consume mixed with rice or noodles. Incorporating natto …

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Benefits of Coffee

Coffee has become increasingly popular over the years. What is it about it that we all like so much? Well, there are many reasons to enjoy coffee such as it’s taste, the temporary alertness caused from the caffeine, and of course the health benefits. There are many found health benefits to drinking coffee such as …

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PODCAST- Emily Fletcher – Ziva Meditation

Check out our podcast, “Meditation and energy healing practices for business and personal health,” where Kira Leskew, Founder and CEO of The Eagle Institute Ltd., discusses meditation and self-healing skills for business leaders and entrepreneurs.