Benefits of Gardening

Gardening not only produces healthy food to eat and flowers to observe but can also benefit your health. Growing your own food and plants is good for you both mentally and physically.

Gardening provides your body with vitamin D and has the potential to reduce dementia risk. Gardening outdoors encourages vitamin D absorption which can help improve your mood and decrease depression. Be sure to wear sunscreen after 20 minutes of sun exposure to prevent damage to your skin.

Gardening is a way to get aerobic exercise without feeling like you are. It can reduce blood pressure and stress levels. This is a good choice for individuals that do not enjoy traditional forms of aerobic exercise. The act of gardening keeps you focused on the task without realizing you are expending energy.

Community gardening or gardening clubs can encourage more social interaction. This can reduce loneliness and the depression that often accompanies it. Joining a community garden or gardening club can also hold you accountable when it comes to the care of your garden. This can keep you inspired to spend time in your garden even if you may not feel up to it.

Give gardening a try. You don’t need to have a “green thumb” to succeed at gardening. Everyone can do it. It’s a great activity for the whole family.

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