Health Benefits of Pumpkin


Pumpkin is a healthful dish to have during the holidays. Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A,C, potassium and beta carotene. This can help lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation. Pumpkin can also boost your immune system. We certainly could use that during the holiday season.

Pumpkin is high in fiber which can aid in healthy digestion. The high fiber in pumpkin can also help you stay full for longer. Not only that, but pumpkin is also low in calories which could aid in healthy weight loss. Be sure to get the unsweetened pumpkin to avoid any added sugars upping the calorie content. 

Pumpkinā€™s uses are not limited to just desserts. Many fun dishes can be made using pumpkin. Pumpkin pasta or soup are nice to warm you on those cold winter nights. Pumpkin is also delicious roasted with a bit of olive oil. Roasted pumpkin can be a nice healthful substitution for potatoes on your dinner plate. 

Consider adding pumpkin to your winter meal plan. It is so versatile and can be a refreshing change to your typical diet. Explore what all pumpkin has to offer.

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