Holiday Blues


The holiday blues can really put a damper on a seemingly happy time of year. Some people have trouble because they are unable to see their family, while others struggle from the stress of entertaining and having unrealistic expectations for the events to come. 

Weather can play a large factor in the holiday blues due to less sunlight and increased time spent indoors. It Is important to make an effort to spend some time in the sun even if it\’s just by sitting by a window for a couple hours a day. A vitamin D supplement may be worth consideration as well. 

Don\’t over exert yourself mentally. You don\’t have to say yes to every event you are invited to. If you are feeling overwhelmed it is okay to say no. Remember to take moments for yourself whether it be to just sit and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or read a book.

Exercise Is very important during the holiday season. It can help boost your mood and distract yourself from all the worries you may be experiencing. Exercising can also help reduce the insomnia many people experience during this busy time.

If you are experiencing the holiday blues it may help to keep yourself on a reasonable sleep schedule. Plan to start winding down about a half hour before your bedtime. Try to avoid electronic devices during this time. Make an effort to go to bed and get up near the same time everyday. 

Be sure to keep communicating with someone during the holidays, even if you feel like isolating yourself. Make a list of people you feel comfortable talking to when you are feeling the holiday stress taking hold. This can often diffuse the situation.

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